A Brief History of Concordia Lutheran Church
50 Years "Growing Together in Christ"

In 1956 several Lutheran families living in Greenwood were interested in seeing a Lutheran congregation
established. A canvass early in the year revealed about 50 interested adults, many of who formed the
nucleus of the new mission and were charter members of the congregation.
The Greenwood Mission
was held on August 5,
1956, at the American
Legion Hall on U.S. 31.
Rev. John Kaiser, a retired
army chaplain, served as
supply pastor through July
1957. The name
"Concordia" was selected
as the name of the
Early in 1957 a large home on Madison Avenue was purchased
and renovated as a permanent church facility with the chapel
on the main floor. Sunday school classrooms were in the
basement and the pastor and his family lived in an upstairs

In January 1963 exactly eight acres of land was purchased on
Howard Road. The congregation was outgrowing its Madison
Avenue facility and plans were drawn by James and Associates
for a new church building built at a cost of $200,000.
Groundbreaking was held April 12, 1964, with dedication on
November 8 of the same year. In the summer/fall of that year a
new parsonage was completed behind the church parking lot at
a cost of $23,000.

A preschool was begun in 1979 under the direction of Beverly
Fabricius. Several renovation projects were completed during
1981. In 1982 plans were initiated to go ahead with a major
expansion project. Groundbreaking was held Sunday April 8,
1984. A large multi-purpose Fellowship Hall was built, extending
at a 30-degree angle toward Howard Road. The area between
the church and the original education building was enclosed to
provide a spacious foyer and visible entrance area. The entire
facility was made accessible for the handicapped and meets all
building and safety codes.
Five Pastors and the Staff

In its history, five pastors have served Concordia: Rev. Howard Hilsabeck (1957-61); Rev. Luther G. Strasen (1962-68); Rev. Laverne W.
Polley (1969-78);
Rev. Howard O. Fabricius (1978-2003) and Rev. John A. Flamme (1995-present).

In order to grow in number and in depth spiritually, the congregation saw the need to add a full-time staff person. This need was met when
deaconess-intern Monica Eickmeyer of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, served from August 1985 through the end of May 1986. Deaconess
graduate Deborah Roth of Cape Girardeau, Missouri was installed on June 15, 1986. In August 1987 Deaconess Monica Burkhardt
accepted our call and returned to serve as our second full-time deaconess. (Deaconess Roth moved to Florida after her marriage to Rev.
Carl Rockrohr.) After Mark Musick, DCE, had been with us from September 1990 through March 1992 it was determined that the needs of
our congregation could be better served by a second pastor. The transition was made when retired hospital chaplain Rev. Harold Kallio
served us part-time from April through October 1995. On November 5, 1995, Rev. John A. Flamme was installed as our Associate Pastor.

More Expansion

Much-needed classroom space was obtained when a project to repair the exterior wood A-frame beams were enclosed to prevent
deterioration from weather. Three classrooms were added on the south side of the sanctuary and the Timothy and Luther Rooms on the
north side. The 2-year, approximately $120,000 project was completed mostly by volunteer labor from our congregation.

When a number of families from Concordia and Calvary saw the need for another Lutheran congregation on Greenwood’s west side several
families left to became the nucleus for Mt. Olive Lutheran organized in 1994.

In 1997 the congregation adopted a new mission statement for a better vision of the future and as an aid in planning programs and ministry.
The mission of Concordia Lutheran Church is to provide spiritual care and support as we grow together in Christ and reach out to others.
Into the Future

In June 2003 Pastor Howard Fabricius retired from Concordia and Pastor John Flamme accepted a call to lead Concordia into the
future. The ChristCare small group ministry continues to be a vital link in Concordia's ministry and several remodeling projects in the
church office were initiated to provide more productive space for the church staff. Meanwhile, the Vision Committee is looking into the
needs of Concordia and the surrounding community to anticipate the growth and direction of the church during the next few decades.
50 Years

On October 29, 2006, the congregation celebrated 50 years with a special service and luncheon held at the
Center Grove High School cafeteria. Several former pastors of the church spoke or sent greetings.