Our Mission Statement

The purpose of LWCC is to assist all women to grow in faith through Bible study, fellowship, and service,
enabling them to use their gifts in service to our Lord within our community and world.

What is LWCC (Lutheran Women of Concordia Church)?
LWCC is the LWML (Lutheran Women’s Missionary League) organization at Concordia. To learn more about
LWML, check out the links below.

Indiana District LWML                      National LWML
                                              www.lwmlindiana.org/                        www.lwml.org/

                                                                 Christian Growth Support
As a unit within the national LWML, we support its programs and objectives, including weekend retreats, rallies  
(i.e. zone prayer breakfast), and conventions. Quarterly devotional get-togethers and subscriptions to the
Lutheran Women’s Quarterly are offered. Mites (pocket change) are collected for mission work.
                                                            Fall Retreat

This women’s retreat is usually held the first Friday & Saturday of October at Camp  Lakeview’s
modern lodges. While our focus is on Bible study, we have time to walk and smell the autumn air,
do a small mission project, play games, laugh, and fellowship.

The women say:
“Bible study is so important in this day and age of the Bible being misquoted by people.”
“Wonderful fellowship and Bible study.”
“Inspiration & fellowship & fun”
“I get away from the everyday and get to touch base with fellow forgiven women who believe and
lift me up.”
“Get to know gals; dig into the Word; Food + Fellowship + Fun”
“Always wonderful.”
                                                                             District Events

Convention: Held after Father’s Day in even numbered years, the LWML District Convention is when we vote on Mission
Projects to fund from the mites collected over the past biennium.

District Spring Retreat: Held in odd numbered years, the LWML District Retreat is a time to gather for special speakers &
Bible Study.

Treat Shop: Held during August in odd numbered years, the Treat Shop offers new ideas for programming and ministry.
There are also opportunities to share ideas with other congregations.

Mission Trips: The Indiana District LWML has participated with other districts in mission trips in the US and other
countries (Cambodia, Guatemala are two).

The women say:
“Inspiration, Fellowship, & Fun”
Serve the Lord with gladness…
                                               Psalm 100:2
                                                                     Service at Concordia

Confirmation Support: We adopt 2nd year confirmands as Secret Prayer Partners, praying often and leaving small
gifts. The Sunday before confirmation, we provide a dinner for the confirmands, their families, and the Prayer Partners.

The women say:
“I am generally a Secret Pal for a confirmation student, praying for them and remembering them throughout the year
with cards and small gifts.”
“I help plan, prepare, set up, or clean up the Confirmation Dinner. If I have a student partner, I attend the dinner.”

Grief Support: We support our grieving families with a post-funeral meal. It nourishes the body, and allows family and
friends to spend time together.

The women say:
“This is a transition time for the family and time to share memories.”
                                                             Advent Glow

Advent Glow is a candlelit evening for ladies reminding us during the often-stressful days preceding
Christmas that Jesus truly is the best Gift of all. Held the first Sunday evening of December, we serve
light refreshments, have a devotion, and special music.

The women say:
“Advent Glow is always meaningful to me. It’s very centering and gets my heart focused on the
Meaning of the Season.”
“I love the candlelight atmosphere.”
“Quiet before the storm.”
                                                  Fellowship Activities

Ladies Night Out: Once or twice a year we meet at a local restaurant for the pure fun of
fellowship over a meal together. This is usually a Sunday evening. We “mix it up” after the
meal to meet/greet/chat with even more attendees.

Spring Social: This is another time to meet and enjoy fellowship. It could be a tea (hats and
gloves optional). It might be a salad supper with a speaker. New ideas are always welcome!
                                                 Quilting for Missions

We sew and tie quilts for Lutheran World Relief and other missions. The third Saturday
morning of the month will find several gals at work in the fellowship hall. They also
assemble kits for those who’d prefer to work at home.

The women say:
“Knotting quilts for LWR is helping people going through natural disasters.”
“Quilting keeps me busy.”
“I enjoy the fact that these are being used at home and overseas. I enjoy the company of
other women and their lives as we work.”
                                                                                        Giving Tree

Each year we organize a Giving Tree to assist several families in need. Many years we go through a local elementary school, working
with the guidance counselor who provides a “wish list” from the families. A Christmas tree decorated with specific gift tags is set up in
the Narthex and the congregation members who wish to participate select a gift to purchase for a child.

The women say:
“People may choose to select a tag and buy that gift, returning it wrapped.”
“My folks liked it when I’d do gifts for others in lieu of gifts for them. They enjoyed photos of the things purchased for someone in need.”
                                                          SonRise Camp

Formerly known as HandyCamp, one day each July we prepare and serve lunch and supper to the
campers and staff at the camp in Anderson.  

The women say:
“SonRise Camp is for the developmentally handicapped. We bring joy to them by preparing meals.”
“Enjoy participating in preparing meals for the kids attending the camp. They are so appreciative.”
                                                                                        The Mite Box

Based  on the Biblical account of the widow's mite (Luke 21:1-4), the Mite Box is intended for regular contributions of “mites” —
offerings above and beyond the support given to congregations and the LCMS. Mite Box contributions amount to millions of
dollars that fund district and national mission grants and implement the LWML program.

Lutheran women all over the world gather offerings (mites) in their Mite Boxes. As they give their mites, they pray for those  
missionaries who will share Jesus’ love with those who may not know Him. They pray for those who will be fed, physically and
spiritually, with the help of these gifts. As women gather together for Bible study or mission service, they combine their mite
offerings with others and the offerings grow. The mites continue to multiply as each group sends their offering to support district
grants. Their districts then send a portion to national, and mission grants are prayed and paid for! And the Word of the Lord is

At Concordia, Mite offerings are gathered quarterly as part of our worship service. Mite Boxes can be brought at anytime if unable
to attend the service. Twenty-five percent of our mites are sent to the national LWML and 75% is used to fund Indiana District
Mission Grants.