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The Board of Lay Ministry
7:00 PM on the second Monday of each month.
Responsibilities: This board is concerned with the spiritual welfare of the Pastors and the
congregation members, individually and corporately, and the supervision of everything pertaining to
congregational worship.
Members:  (Director), Marvin Barkes, David Bass, Dick Brooks, Mike Emkes, Ernst Forster, Gerald
Nolker, Donald Scifres, Rick Snyder, and Dave Wilson
The Board of Christian Education
This board plans and administers the total educational program of the congregation,
determines policies, selects personnel for the various agencies, provides the necessary means and
facilities for the agencies, and directs and supervises the entire educational program.
Members: Kris Bierman (Director), Susan Bass (Preschool Co-Director), Gail Buth-Brooks, Melissa
Mayo, Debbie Nance, Jill Scifres (Preschool Co-Director) and Linda Snyder
The Board of Operaions
The objectives of this board are the proper maintenance and repair of church
property, the representation of the congregation in all legal matters, and the general protection of
the congregation against loss or damage of whatever nature.
Members: Herb Hoeltke (Director), John Bertsch, Mike finger, Jim Lanning, James Mayo, Dean
Owen and Rick Snyder
The Board of Evangelism
: The basic objectives of this board are the bringing of the Gospel to the
unchurched, the enlistment of all God's people in the work of spreading the Gospel, the
deepening of the faith and activity of the members of this congregation, and proper
soul-accounting at all times.
Members:  (Director), Eileen Anderson, Anne Guthrie, Mark Hart, Jill Thomas, Cynthia Boesenberg
and Dave Warren
The Board of Parish Fellowship
The basic objectives of this board are the strengthening of the fellowship between
congregational members spiritually and socially, the integration of new members into the life of the
congregation, and the general upbuilding of mutual cooperation, trust, and enjoyment among the
members of the congregation.
Members: Linda Snyder (Co-Director), Diana Sullivan (Co-Director), Myron Miller, Joyce Nelson and
John Stratton
The Board of Public Relations
This board's objectives are the presentation to the public of a Christian
image which will reflect favorably upon the work of Christ and of the congregation as His
instrument and the publicizing of the work of the congregation through various channels.
Members: Beverly Stephens (Director), Lisa Cynova, Edie Masters, Gloria Emery, Ruth Everson
and Pat Skinner
The Board of Stewardship
The Board of Stewardship is charged with overseeing the Christian use of our
time, our talents, and our income for the encouragement of our members and the growth of the
church as a whole. To that end, it is our goal to develop and guide programs that will best utilize
the gifts our Lord has given us, both as individuals and as a church body.
Members: Rose Mihu (Director), Julia Coppi, Judy Heine, Herb Hoeltke,and Carol Pahud
Download: Fundraising Request form in MS WORD format
The Board Young People's Work
This board promotes fellowship, spiritual growth, and community involvement
among Concordia's youth. To reach these goals the youth board sponsors such programs as
Area Youth Ministry Bike-A-Thon, Bible Study, '50s Drive-In, and helping with the Easter
Members:  (Director), Susan Bass, Paul Flamme, Jill Scifres and, Mark Warren
The Web Ministry Committee
Continuing development and maintenance of Concordia's World Wide Web
Members: Don Scifres (Chairperson), James Mayo (Webservant), Don Boesenberg
Contact: Don Scifres at (317) 881-2774, or James Mayo at
The Altar Care Committee
Preparing the altar area for services and church events.
Members: Lorna Warren (Chairperson)
The Personnel Committee
To fill staff positions that result from retirements, to potentially develop job
descriptions, conduct performance reviews, and develop personnel policies.
Members: Don Scifres (Chairperson), Mike Emkes, Bruce Lucas, Janis White, Pastor Flamme.
Contact: Don Scifres at (317) 881-2774,